the leader of intelligent manufacturing of medical industrial equipment

March 15, 2020 12:32:19 Yuhuan media center

     "At present, there is a large demand for mask production. Should we prepare some inkjet printers?" At noon on March 9, during the lunch break, Luo Jian asked Lin Junhua, chairman and general manager of the company. After receiving a positive reply, he was busy preparing to go.

        Luo Jian is the core technician of mede Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. In his opinion, Lin Junhua is not only very skilled in the automation technology of medical consumables, but also has a strong sensitivity and foresight for the development of the industry.

       To become the "global leader in medical consumables automation" is the vision of MedTech, and also the original intention of Lin Junhua since the beginning of the enterprise. Because of this, since its establishment in 2003, mede has been devoting itself to the development of the industry, making continuous innovation and breakthroughs, and in December 2019, it became the first listed enterprise of science and technology innovation board in Taizhou city.

Study hard, practice hard, learn by yourself

     "My education background is not high. I graduated from vocational and technical school." Speaking of his education background, Lin Junhua, 43, confessed that after graduating from the technical school, he worked in a local medical equipment factory in Yuhuan. With hard work and eager to learn, it took only more than one year to master all the skills and become the workshop director.

       At that time, there was a pain point in the domestic medical catheter extrusion and cutting industry: the foreign medical catheter was relatively hard and not easy to stick; while the domestic medical catheter was cut manually, which needed to be drenched with water, which easily led to the different lengths of the produced catheter, the health quality was not up to the standard, and it was easy to deform.

       In 2003, Lin Junhua and several young people who love technology decided to resign to solve the industry s problems and founded MedTech medical.

       After the establishment of the company, Lin Junhua concentrated his R & D efforts and invested more than 3 million yuan to develop online cutting machine for medical catheter. Kung Fu is not inferior to those who want to. Over two years, after hundreds of failures, it finally succeeded. This makes Lin Junhua and others more confident.

       After that, Lin Junhua led the R & D team of the enterprise, not only insisting on learning from experts and scholars and books, but also exploring and improving in practice to overcome various technical problems.

(plan of mede Industrial Park)

       Once a customer reported to Lin Junhua that the hemodialysis membrane produced had been flattened from a round shape, which had a great impact on production and cost more than 100000 yuan a day. The company sent more than a dozen technicians to find out the problem, but they didn t find anything unusual about the machine. Finally, Lin Junhua spent more than half a month, staying up for three or four nights to find out the problem. Since then, the problem has been solved smoothly. 

       After so many years of continuous accumulation, Lin Junhua has transformed from a small person in this industry into an expert in the medical consumables automation industry, and was selected as the leader of science and technology entrepreneurship in Zhejiang Province in 2018.

Talent introduction, innovation and continuous butterfly change

          "To provide customers with a set of equipment, this is not only to provide a solution, but also to do a good job of corresponding services. We always adhere to the goal of zero failure and regard service as sales. " Lin Junhua said that this is in line with the company s slogan of "consulting marketing, targeted R & D, refined production and life-long service".

(on the morning of December 3, 2019, "MedTech medical" was listed on the science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.)

       In Lin Junhua s view, quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, and innovation must be based on excellent product quality. If an enterprise wants to continue its innovation and development, it must establish and improve its intellectual property system and technology R & D system. The establishment of the system must be completed by professional talents. As a result, Lin Junhua has taken a different road.

As early as 2006, restricted by the bottleneck of Yuhuan transportation and talents at that time, Lin Junhua established a subsidiary company in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park, established nearly 90 technical and management teams in three years, and began to explore the perfect system to guide the innovation and development of enterprises. In 2010, Lin Junhua actively responded to the "Zhejiang businessmen return plan" and moved back to Yuhuan as a whole. More than 60 of these 90 people "transferred" to Taizhou with the enterprise.

So far, the company has established a solid intellectual property system and R & D system.

In addition, minde has always been focusing on R & D investment. According to relevant statistics, in 2016, 2017, 2018 and the first half of 2019, the R & D expenditure of the company was 13.6966 million yuan, 13.8158 million yuan, 19.4230 million yuan and 10.1543 million yuan, respectively.

Continuous R & D investment, in exchange for the improvement of the overall strength of the enterprise. Up to now, it has more than 100 design and development teams, more than 150 invention patents, 11 software copyrights, and a large number of customer groups.