Yuhuan: cloud technology + digitalization to enhance the "immunity" of enterprises

Source: Yuhuan release date: March 28, 2020 

      "Now we are going to enter the assembly and commissioning workshop, and the staff behind me are assembling a batch of automatic equipment to produce N95 masks..."

         On the morning of March 30, a talent recruitment fair of "Zhihui Taizhou · hundred schools to introduce talents" - a special session of mede Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. opened in the "cloud". 

Cloud live start cloud recruitment

The working environment can be seen clearly

       This live broadcast attracted more than 2800 applicants to visit the studio. 

       During the live broadcast, Huang Xianpeng, assistant to the general manager of the enterprise, acted as the anchor and led everyone to visit the production workshop, office area and other areas through the lens. 

     "Through cloud live broadcast, job seekers can learn about the plant area and office environment through live broadcast, more intuitively understand the positions they want to apply for, and can interact in real time." Said Huang Xianpeng. 

          This is the first "test water" cloud recruitment of "mede", which also means that the company has made a new breakthrough in digital management.

       As a modern equipment enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of medical consumables intelligent equipment, "MedTech" is gradually transitioning from "equipment supplier" to "overall solution provider", and striving to build "smart factory" for customers. 

    "We aim to provide customers with digital and intelligent production equipment and services, including product life cycle management, security, traceability, etc." Huang Xianpeng introduced. 

R & D of "loho code"

No need to look at the health code one by one!

       During the epidemic period, through the research and development of its own technical team, MedTech also built a "Yuhuan lehuo code" health traceability management system to help the city s epidemic prevention and return to work. 

    "As an auxiliary verification tool of health code, Yuhuan lehuo code is divided into personal code and organization code." Huang Xianpeng introduced. 

        Taking enterprise health monitoring as an example, it used to require the staff to check each person s health code one by one, and then register by hand, which would easily cause congestion and poor traffic when the crowd is dense. If "Yuhuan lehuo code" is used, employees only need to scan the "organization code" of the site to complete the information registration.

       It is understood that "Yuhuan lehuo code" has been popularized to Yuhuan city for general use. The "organization code" shall be provided for public places where people gather in supermarkets, farmers markets, commercial complexes, etc. to facilitate the masses to scan the code and pass. Other places shall apply voluntarily according to the actual situation. For the qualified personnel, all inspection points must be accessible. 

Build a digital service platform

Home telecommuting is also efficient

       In order to help enterprises return to work and production, the billion workshop industrial service complex has built a service platform covering R & D, production, marketing, human resources, enterprise management and other production and operation links through resource integration.

       With the support of digital technology, many enterprises in our city have realized "home office" and "acceleration" of return to work and production through the application of cloud technology and digital technology during the epidemic period.

       For Li Xinying, the head of Human Resources Department of Yuhuan Putian uni directional device Co., Ltd., her Spring Festival has almost no rest, and she basically makes a statistical table every day, and all the statistics are based on big data extracted from the "cloud" of the enterprise.

    "Even at home, we can download the relevant data of the enterprise. We use this period of time at home to make statistics and report on the location, residence history and other information of more than 650 employees, so as to ensure the first time to return to work in a healthy and safe manner." Li Xinying said.

       It turns out that last year, Taizhou Huachi Technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture of billion workshop industrial service complex, set up a "deeply convinced desktop cloud + Super fusion + security scheme" for "Putian" company. Through the multi resource pool unified management function of the cloud platform, the stable carrying and unified scheduling of resources, businesses and data were realized. 

    "It s like that all the computers of an enterprise share a single host. Office staff of human resources department, finance department, sales department and so on can use desktop cloud to directly log in to the virtual machine used in the original work to realize seamless home remote office. At the same time, the enterprise intranet server is hidden behind the SSL VPN Security Gateway, and the unified open port can prevent the server from being attacked. " Hu Yangmin, general manager of the comprehensive industrial service system of Yichang, said. 

       In the interview, Hu Yangmin said that digital operation is a "long-lasting battle" and that "billion workshop" will continue to increase its intellectual support for the construction of "new infrastructure" of the enterprise, dive digital into every process, link and scenario of the enterprise operation, help the enterprise "find opportunities in danger" and realize the upgrading of digital transformation.