Medical Polymer Products Branch 2019 Group Standards First Working Group Preparatory Meeting Held in Sanxin Medical

On April 25th, the preparatory meeting for the first working group of the 2019 Group Standards for Medical Polymers Branch of China Medical Device Industry Association was held in Sanxin Medical. Branch general counsel Zhang Honghui, Secretary General Li Weiyang, Chairman of the Technical Committee Gao Yizhen, Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee Tian Xiaolei, Deputy Secretary-General Tian Xinglong, Wu Qiyu, Su Weidong and other leaders, experts and representatives of 34 enterprises, a total of more than 50 people participated. meeting.

 The meeting was chaired by Tian Xiaolei, deputy director of the branch technical committee. Sanfeng Medical General Manager Lei Fenglian and Quality Director Wang Ganying attended the reception as a host and gave a welcome speech. At the meeting, the secretary-general of the club first expressed gratitude to Sanxin Medical as the standing director unit of the club for its active participation in the club activities and the strong support of the group meeting. It also welcomed the participation of the participants in the preparatory meeting of the group working group. The participants were briefed on the development of the group's standard in recent years; Gao Yizhen, the chairman of the branch's technical committee, gave a description of the task arrangement and work time for the nine-group system (revision) work; Zhang Honghui, the general counsel of the club In his speech, the teacher highlighted the significance of group standards. The formulation of national standards and industry standards is to ensure basic and safety, while the development of group standards is based on the basic and safety of the protection, and emphasizes the advanced nature and forward-looking of the standards to further promote the competitiveness of enterprises. Participation in group standard setting is not only an affirmation of participating companies, but also promotes the development of the industry.

Subsequently, under the leadership of the five team leaders, the five working groups discussed the purpose of the standard, the name of the standard, the scope of application, the basis for the preparation, and the main technical indicators, and arranged the specific work for the next step based on the results of the discussion. After the meeting, Sanxin Medical invited representatives to visit the company's exhibition hall to learn about Sanxin Medical's products and the development path of these years.