The third working meeting of the Polymer Branch Law Group was held in Changsha, Hunan.

On November 28, 2018, the third working meeting of the Regulation Group of the Medical Polymers Professional Branch of China Medical Device Industry Association was held in Changsha.

Branch committee secretary Li Weiyang, general counsel Zhang Honghui, expert teacher Wang Huasheng, and rule group leader Liu Yanhong and other 24 members attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Liu Yanhong, head of the regulation group.

First of all, the team leader Liu Yanhong expressed his gratitude to the members for their active participation and timely completion of the list of evidence of conformity! She hopes that all members will discuss each piece of evidence in the list of compliance items in a positive and rigorous manner, and should be judged at the height of the entire industry to promote the progress of the industry; she hopes that all enterprises will actively participate in the regulation system ( Repair and set up work, take the initiative to carry out the implementation of new regulations and publicity training. Subsequently, under the leadership of the deputy head of the team, Yu Haichao, the participating members discussed and approved the list of 35 items of evidence for the compliance of the quality management specifications for sterile medical devices. After intense and rigorous discussions, all the committee members unanimously passed the evidence of 35 key items, which laid a good foundation for further improvement and promotion in the industry.

Finally, Secretary-General Li Weiyang hopes that all committee members will be able to conduct training and self-examination of their units in accordance with the list of evidence of conformity. After the time is ripe, the application can be submitted. The club organizes the experts to review the enterprise according to the requirements of the list of specifications. On the one hand, it verifies the actual implementation of the compliance list, and on the other hand, helps the company to improve the implementation of the production quality management regulations. Level.