The Polymer Subcommittee's seven-group standard review meeting in 2018 was held in Changsha, Hunan.

On November 26-27, 2018, the China Medical Device Industry Association Medical Polymer Products Professional Branch held a seven-group standard review meeting in 2018 at the Nanfeng Hotel in Changsha. Secretary-General Li Weiyang, the general counsel of the branch, Mr. Zhang Honghui, the experts Wu Ping, Wang Huasheng, and more than 80 representatives of the drafting unit and the verification unit attended the meeting.


The club's seven-group standard review meeting in 2018 was chaired by Tian Xiaolei, deputy director of the branch committee. The Secretary-General of the Branch, Li Weiyang, the General Counsel of the Branch, Zhang Honghui, and the Chairman of the Standards Committee, Gao Yizhen, made separate speeches.

First of all, the branch secretary-general Li Weiyang expressed his gratitude to the delegation for the participation of the drafting unit, the verification unit and the participants. She emphasized the importance of establishing group standards and the rigor of standard validation; it also welcomed the active participation of all units in the establishment and drafting of group standards. In the speech, the general counsel of the club, Mr. Zhang Honghui, expressed the hope that the participating units should take the work of group standards seriously; in the upcoming work of the standardization technical committee of the club, he put forward higher requirements for the members who are ready to join; in addition, he It is also pointed out that the state management departments are increasingly strict in the inspection and spot checks on the quality of enterprise products, and require enterprises to conduct self-inspection of products and avoid risks. Subsequently, the Chairman of the Subcommittee's Standard Committee, Mr. Gao Yizhen, arranged the sub-group and work content of the validation meeting.


In the tense two-day meeting, under the auspices of the team leader of each group, the drafting units reported the preparation of the group standard and the group draft to the participants and the participants, and dealt with the feedback of the solicitation. The results are explained.

After the review by the participating experts and teachers and the amendments of the participating units, the final meeting was on the "Particulation of the first part of sterile medical devices: technical requirements for particulate contamination", "disposable hydrophilic coated guide wire", Disposable cosmetic filling needles, nasal plugs for nasal oxygen tubes, disposable intravenous indwelling needles, polyester filter membranes for single-use leukocyte filters, and halogenated prefilled syringes A total of seven group standards for butyl rubber stoppers were voted on.


Under the active participation and suggestions from the participants, the meeting was successfully completed and the target was successfully completed.