In 2019, the fifth full-time sports meeting of Maider Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Use the power of sports to add a different beauty to spring

-------In the 20th, the fifth full-time sports meeting of Maid Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.


     The spring breeze of March blew the earth. In the early summer of this spring, we ushered in the 5th full-time sports meeting of the 2019 Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. This is the grand ceremony of all the people who have made it. Although it is not a festival, the red flag is everywhere, and the voice is full of people. May 4th is not only the prosperity of all the people, but also the 100th Youth Festival in China, solemn and vital. At 7:30 in the morning, all departments and participating groups, led by the team leader, marched neatly to the venue to gather at the designated location. In order to express their own personality and color, each team has designed their own team flag, shouting loud slogans.


      The first agenda of the Games sang "The National Anthem of the People's Republic of China". The venue was full of enthusiasm. From the four or five hundred throats, the strong patriotism was shouted. The majestic and loud national anthem added a solemnity to the opening ceremony. . Immediately afterwards, the representatives of the athletes and referees took the stage to take the oath and use the true level and fair ruling to help the game.

      Finally, Mr. Lin Junhua, the company's chairman, announced that the fifth full-time sports meeting will begin.
      This year's Games have changed a lot in the form of the past, both traditionally highly antagonistic tug-of-war competitions, self-created letters to Garcia, and elite walls that challenge courage, courage and cooperation. Of course, there is also an 8*50m relay race that is known for its speed. In particular, the letter to Garcia is a collection of many small projects that test the patience and care of the participants. It is a major innovation at this year's Games. The opening project was a tug-of-war competition. According to the order of the draw, the first round was played by the integrated team against the sheet metal team. Due to the disparity between the two sides, the integrated team quickly lost.

     Due to time and layout reasons, all the wonderful things can't be recorded. The tug-of-war competition finally took the lead in the machine-building workshop, and became the champion of the tug-of-war project. The assembly workshop and the machine-added two were also among the best. The next game is the 8*50m relay race, which is entirely based on the theme of speed. Each team selects players who can run. On the court, all the winds and rushing like the arrows of the string, the final machine plus two won the championship with 90 points.

     Going to the third competition project - send the letter to Garcia. This is an innovation of this year's Games. This project is derived from a book, "Give Letter to Garcia", which tells the story of a "letter to Garcia" in the 19th century American West War. The United States has a strategic letter that is urgently needed to be sent to the Cuban Allied General Garcia, but Garcia is fighting in the jungle, no one knows where he is. At this time, a young lieutenant, Andrew Rowan, came forward without any shirking, did not talk about any conditions, and went through all the hardships. After three weeks on foot, he walked through the crisis-ridden country with absolute loyalty, responsibility and The initiative to create miracles completed this "impossible mission" and handed the letter to Garcia. This project is intended to enhance the execution and cooperation of our employees. The project is divided into four small projects: over the grid, water, kangaroo jump, 50-meter run, and finally send the letter to the end, all the small projects use the least to win.

     The comprehensive team used the shortest and fastest speed, and won the first place in the project. For the comprehensive team that lost all the way on the field, it finally had a chance to win. Next is the last sport, the elite wall (also called the graduation wall), all members need to work closely together and go all out, each team of 10 people to win the number of players and the shortest time to win. For such a difficult project, all the teams completed the competition, and the second team was ranked first with 46 seconds.

     At this point, all the competitions have ended. After a round of competition, the referee and the organizing committee will make a ruling. The ranking of the current sports meeting has already been born: the second team will win the championship, and the machine shop will be followed by the runner-up. The second division won the third place. The exciting time has come - the award ceremony, Mr. Lin Junhua, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chen Wanshun, Director of the Price Center, and Jin Feiang, Director of the Organizing Committee, presented the awards to the winners.

     The endless sports meeting is over. This is the result of all the athletes' efforts. The shining banner not only represents today's honor but also an incentive for tomorrow. Inheriting the spirit of the Games, and in the joy of life, the joy of work and the development of the company, and create greater glories.