The Warriors won the runner-up in the "Commercial Cup" tug-of-war competition in Shamen Town

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The Warriors won the runner-up in the "Commercial Cup" tug-of-war competition in Shamen Town


     On April 29th, the Shamen Town Chamber of Commerce organized a tug-of-war competition among member units. Through this competition, the spirit of the employees of the new era was demonstrated. The athletes from the front-line employees of the enterprises in Bingang Industrial City. Around 7:30, the square has already begun to stir up, and Hee Hee. At 8:20, after the referee announced the rules of the game, the president of the chamber of commerce announced the official start of the tug-of-war. At the meeting, the athletes were all grapped and full of confidence, full of confidence, talking about skills and methods, and talking about laughter on the spot.


     On the court, the slogans and cheers shuffled into a single game. The contest began in the order of the draw. After a round of competition, the powerful team gradually appeared. After the preliminary and rematch, the team won the team and finally passed. When they competed for the championship and runner-up, the team also encountered a stronger opponent than their own - Xin Mingdi team, obviously, they were carefully prepared, each team is equipped with non-slip flat shoes, and There have been many rehearsals in advance. Obviously, their meticulous preparations have been "premeditated" for the champion for a long time. Although the team did not have their professional equipment, the two sides also resisted each other in the process of tug-of-war. In the end, it was because of the power gap that they won the team. After the next battle, I won the runner-up in the competition.


      At about 10:20 am, all the competitions have all ended. The exciting ceremony will be held. The leaders of the Yuhuan City Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Executive Director of the Shamen Town Chamber of Commerce will award the awards. The process of the game is hard, and it is difficult to hide the smile on the face when sharing the joy. Whether it is the team leader or the team members, everyone's mood is very happy, and the camera is decisively recorded the momentary wonderful.



      The "Cham Chamber Cup" tug-of-war competition was successfully completed. Although it failed to win the championship, it was also the result of all the players working together and achieving unity. The ranking was not very important at this time, and the meaning of participation itself was greater than the ranking. Through this tug-of-war competition, it is more important to know the true self and improve our overall coordination and cooperation ability during the competition. This is also the embodiment of the team culture. I hope that through this series of sports activities, I will achieve the cooperation of the physical fitness improvement team. There is no permanent first, only a better team.