Lin Chenghui, Chairman of the Yuhuan CPPCC, and his entourage visited the survey

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Lin Chenghui, Chairman of the Yuhuan CPPCC, and his entourage visited the survey


      On February 15, 2019, at the beginning of the new year, Vientiane was updated. With the end of the Spring Festival, Yu Chenghuan Chairman Lin Chenghui and his entourage accompanied by Xie Xiping, member of the Party Committee of the General Union, and Luo Junyi, secretary of the Party Committee of Shamen Township, came to our company for investigation and investigation with the care of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. As soon as I arrived at our factory, every place listened carefully to the introduction, raised questions and exchanged answers.

     Mr. Lin Junhua, Chairman and General Manager of the company, and Xie Yunbo, Manager of the Personnel Administration Center, accompanied the company to visit the production site and listened to the report on the development status of the company in the conference room: the company moved into the 50-acre Bingang Industrial City in 2013. It is planning and planning to build a new plant area of about 60 acres. In 2018, the company achieved an annual output value of 210 million and paid more than 30 million yuan in taxation. It is hoped that a breakthrough will be achieved in 2019. At present, Maid Medical has applied for hundreds of patents, and has 140 invention patents and 11 software copyrights. Through the international marketing center in Germany, we will enhance the international influence of the company every year, learn and learn from the world-class medical equipment manufacturing enterprises, and strive to develop to higher goals. When asked about the return rate of employees after the Spring Festival in 2018, when Mr. Lin answered that he had returned 85%, Chairman Lin expressed his appreciation for such results. Later, Mr. Lin proposed that the shortage of key talents in enterprises, especially the lack of skilled workers and senior workers, affected the rapid development of enterprises, and hoped that the CPPCC could give guidance and guidance.

     Chairman Lin expressed concern about the difficulties encountered in the daily activities of our company. Later, it pointed out that enterprise development is developing with the development of society. Therefore, enterprises must adapt to society. The ultimate goal of enterprise development is efficiency and social effects. For the steady development, talents and capital are the most indispensable; last year, the employees of the whole company accounted for a higher proportion of the average operating company than the average manufacturing company. The management characteristics of the enterprise are inseparable from the fact that the employees of the company are treated as their own. The problem of recruiting senior technical talents, senior management talents and skilled workers is the biggest bottleneck hindering the development of enterprises. How to get rid of this bottleneck and achieve the development of bigger goals is not only for enterprises to solve, but also for the municipal government to coordinate the Yuhuan. One of the most important factors in the development of the economy and the pulse of the market economy. Chairman Lin hopes to get more in-depth communication with the government and work together to solve the talent demand. Finally, I would like to pay a good night to all the employees.