Special report on the Spring Festival party in 2019

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               ————Special report on the Spring Festival party in 2019

      In 2018, the pace has not gone far, and January is still a chilly spring. In the days of resigning the old and welcoming the new, we ushered in a 2019 visit to the Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. group. On January 5, 2019, at 14:30, the four hostesses took the stage and announced the beginning of the annual meeting. Ganoderma lucidum: Today, it is joy to let us gather here; Wang Zheng: Today, it is the fate that brings us together here; Zhang Ling: Today is the end of our year together; Yilun: Today is the starting point for us to welcome the new year. In 2018, we have drawn a full stop! Wang Zheng: Looking to the future, 2019, we are full of expectations! Hehe: The 2019 New Year party meeting officially started! This year's group meeting will be divided into two parts, the first part: the Golden Pig Arch Fu New Year Party, the second part of the Spring Festival Naxi Dinner. The company leaders attending the group meeting were: Mr. Lin Junhua, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Chen Wanshun, Director of the Price Center, Mr. Lin Dong, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board of Directors, accompanied by the family members of the three CEOs and the families of some employees. According to the agenda of the group meeting, Lin Junhua, chairman of the first agenda company, spoke.

      In his speech, Mr. Lin affirmed the achievements of the company's 2018 business objectives, talent introduction, and employee professional skills competition. He said: In 2018, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company's strategic goals were successfully completed. The efforts of the employees are inseparable, and it is the result of the hard work of the employees. I hope that in 2019, the company can achieve greater breakthroughs and improve the quality of life of its employees. In the enthusiasm of Lin’s speech, he felt the tremendous changes in 2019, and established confidence for the employees. Future expectations. At this time, the applause and shouts of the scene rang into a joyful ocean. A hot dance of "BIG Sheet Metal", as the opening dance of the group meeting, became the opening program.

      "BIG Sheet Metal" made the scene feel the enthusiasm of colleagues from the sheet metal workshop. They expressed their inner joy with a sense of dance and playful music. Don't look at the colleagues who work quietly on the front line. They dance with their eyes and have a different visual experience for the audience. The people who don't know think it is a special dancer. "Who is fighting with the shoulders, listening to some of the branches and leaves, seeing a touch of haze, this moment is the same with the hands and feet on the side..." This is the theme song of the hit drama "The Name of the People", the thick and atmospheric songs are instantly The feeling of the Spring Festival Evening, from the warehouse’s Chen Mengdong’s "In the Name of the People", I saw that he was complete in singing, moderate in tone, clear in words, and sang the solemnity and solemnity of the original sing. The burst of applause at the scene was Chen Mengdong. Recognition of singing.

      The on-site judges looked like a candle, listened to the senses, used visually, and scored the performance with a fair heart. Under the careful consideration of the judges, one excellent work was born.

     In the exciting lottery session, this group meeting prepared a generous bonus and gifts. The lucky draw part set a special prize of 1 8800 yuan, 1 first prize 3600 yuan 1 second prize 2800 yuan 2, third class There are 3 prizes of 1800 yuan. In addition, there are rich performance bonuses, 2800 yuan for the first prize, 1,800 yuan for the second prize, 1,000 yuan for the third prize, and a beautiful and warm participation prize and consolation prize. These prizes and prizes are presented one by one by the judges and the lucky draw guests. Let's wait and see what the winners will be tonight.

     Wonderful to continue. A group of lucky winners stood on the podium under the attention of the crowd. All the dust and all the hard work turned into the joy of this moment. As a traditional form of performance, three sentences and a half are deeply loved by people. Three sentences and a half are required to simplify and rhyme, and to pay attention to coordination. No, the colleagues from the PMC department brought you a three-and-a-half-and-a-half--the "Company will be better tomorrow", using the applause of the audience to prove that they played well.

      The true color of "Silly Girl" won the thunderous applause and cheers on the scene. The three-and-a-half-seven smiles themselves are not so high, but often the shaping of character will play an immeasurable effect. The role of "stupid girl" can explain all of these. Haha, there is not much nonsense, we then watch the wonderful performances on the spot.

      Then came the finale of the group meeting. In October 2018, some of the company's personnel participated in the "Yuhuan City Worker Skills Competition" and achieved results, which won the company's honor. At the same time, the outstanding employees of 2018 are also the award ceremony for outstanding employees of 2018. It can be said that it is a double happiness. In addition, the technical centers Luo Jian and Zheng Long were awarded the honorary title of “Yuhuan City Practical Talents”. From the achievements, the company has talented people, and there are no shortage of excellent workers in various jobs. The mainstay in the process. Their dedicated dedication in their respective jobs has become a pioneer in the new era.

      The wonderful performances continued, and the various programs took turns to make a good start. The stage and the stage were combined, and the colleagues tried their best to show the best.


      After a round of competition, it was again at the awarding stage. At this point, all the shows have ended, and the most exciting awards are made. There is no standard without comparison. After the performance of a show, the rankings are gradually opened. Who is going to the big prize tonight? Let us use the map. Come and talk.




      The happy time is always so short. As time goes by, the Golden Pig Arch Fuchun Evening Show is coming to an end, and the performance of the familiar "True Hero" has come to a close. This song also sings the hearts of the people. The fire-like enthusiasm, be a true hero, be your own hero, be a hero. With youth and time to witness the excitement of the coming year, the second part of the group meeting was opened in the song, and the Spring Festival was a dinner.

     The beautiful story takes place in the spring, and spring is the season of hope in the year. The people are marching forward and building the Seiko path with the spirit of persistence. Wonderful not to die, just to stop temporarily, looking forward to creating a miracle in this hopeful 2019. Friends, let's raise the glass to celebrate more brilliant next year.