The 2019 annual performance of the art performance was successfully rehearsed yesterday

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The 2019 annual performance of the art performance was successfully rehearsed yesterday


     All departments took time out of their busy schedule to step up rehearsals. Colleagues could not put down their work, but also carefully prepared the programs for the annual performance. After the pre-ordered rehearsal, they rehearsed in the multi-function hall on the third floor yesterday. It is reported that this year's annual meeting has collected 24 programs, covering the language, singing, and dance classes. The cast members are from various positions in the front line. The rehearsal scene is full of spirits, with high standards and strict requirements. After the performance was completed, most of the programs were rehearsed by people using the rest time. At 17:40 on December 29th, the rehearsal began in the opening ceremony of the grandeur. The four hosts took the stage to the stage and opened the curtain for the rehearsal.

     The program is in an orderly manner in a pre-scheduled order. The rehearsal includes all the processes of the annual meeting, such as: lead speech, program performance, lottery interaction, excellent employee recognition..., there will be no too much for the day of the show. The big gap, the main purpose of this rehearsal is to find out the various areas and the areas that need improvement in the program through the drill, and immediately modified it at the rehearsal site. It is understood that this year's annual meeting is a big deal, in terms of lineups and program types are the most complete. In order to create a professional performance atmosphere, the professional cultural media company was responsible for the design and construction of the stage, providing professional performance audio and lighting equipment, and creating a rich visual grandeur for the staff.

     More programs, more exciting, look forward to meeting you on January 5, 2019. Mai De Medical is the 2019 group meeting of Medical Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. All the previous work is in the preparations for you. Carefully create a more perfect annual meeting.