SINCE 2003


Maider has always adhered to the "marketing consultant, directed R&D, lean production, whole life service for equipment" as the operating principle, and actively seeks steady expansion around the core business. Mader will actively grasp the development opportunities of the automation  transformation of downstream medical consumables manufacturing enterprises, continuously improve the company s technical level, develop intelligent equipment that can improve the assembly efficiency and product quality of downstream consumables, and strive to become the world leader in the field of medical consumables intelligent equipment. On the basis of consolidating the existing business, Maider will actively explore the intelligent equipment market for high-value medical consumables in other sub-areas such as orthopedics and medical equipment, and further improve the intelligent control system technology, continuously optimize and improve the GMP data management platform. The system creates a digital workshop for customers and realizes intelligent production; strives to utilize the unique advantages in intelligent equipment, share customer resources, and selectively extends down to some high-value consumables core parts and components that are still monopolized by foreign countries, providing customers equipment, at same time also providing some parts for customers, solves the production technology problems of customers, reduces the production cost of customers, and further deepens the cooperation between the two parties. Maider will also actively expand overseas markets and enhance the company s continued profitability based on serving existing customers and consolidating the domestic market.

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