SINCE 2003
  • 1.Starting stage (2003-2008): mainly pipe cutting machine and extruder.

  • Maider was established in March 2003. It mainly produces and sells relatively simple equipment such as medical catheter cutting machines and extruders.

  • 2.Growth stage (2009-2015): Infusion-type intelligent equipment becomes the main product.

  • In 2009, formed an enterprise integrating the design, development, production, and sales of medical consumables assembly automation equipment.

  • In 2010, was rated as a high-tech enterprise, and the new plant started construction in the same year.

  • In 2011, successfully developed automatic assembly machines such as insulin syringes, integral butterfly vein needles, blood collection pen needle, three-way plastic needles, and SV blood collection needles, which realized the automated assembly of infusion medical consumables.

  • In 2013, was recognized as a national “Double-Soft” enterprise, which has 22 invention patents and drafted the industry standard for “General Rules for the Implementation of Quality Management Regulations for Medical Device Manufacturing in Sterile Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment”.

  • In 2014, established the Provincial Enterprise Research Institute for Medical Device Automation Equipment.

  • In 2015, successfully established the Institute of Key Technologies for Medical Intelligence.

  • 3.Rapid development stage (2016-present):

  • Entering the hemodialysis market, the blood purification intelligent equipment is growing rapidly, the product categories continue to increase, and the product variety is continuously enriched. With the improvement of technology, Maider s product intelligence level is gradually improved and covers a variety of safe infusion intelligent equipment such as medical metal needles, pipelines, safety injections, etc. On this basis, Maider  continues to develop intelligent equipment for blood purification. The dialyzer filter is the core and the most demanding device in hemodialysis. At present, the domestic market is still dominated by foreign brands, mainly because of its high production process requirements and the need to use specialized equipment for production. Due to the technical difficulty of the equipment, the production of hemodialysis devices has long relied heavily on imported equipment. The blood purification intelligent equipment developed by the company successfully broke the monopoly of foreign manufacturers and achieved sales, marking the company s equipment level is moving towards high-end and intelligent acceleration. In addition, Maider is gradually developing intelligent equipment for other types of medical consumables. The clinical inspection intelligence equipment has been successfully developed and achieved small-scale sales, and is in the stage of marketing; GMP data management platform also achieves a small number of sales, is accelerating. At the same time, Maider continues to expand the development of intelligent equipment for medical supplies such as “Orthopaedic Consumables” and “Medicine and Medical Consumables”.

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